Want to know more? FAQs here...

1. What services do you offer?
We help you throw the most awesome themed birthday parties that will delight and surprise your little one and very special baby showers that will charm the socks off a mother-to-be...

2. Where can I reach you?
We currently offer our services in Bangalore and Chennai, write to us at lilliputparties@gmail.com, we would love to hear from you.

3. What is your timeline?
Ideally 30-45 days before the big day.

4. How much will it cost?
You tell us how much you would like to spend and we will tailor a great package just for you. Birthday parties cost a fair bit of money anyways, we just help you spend it better. We help you to tie it all together with a theme that is carried thoughtout from the color scheme, invites, decor even food & drinks and party favours. So you get a spectacular, unforgettable party.

5. How are you different from the other birthday party organisers in the market?
We bring a different sensibility and set of ideas that are more international and contemporary in flavour. We do not believe in the same old commercial Disney(R) character themed parties that are being done to death and are extremely cookie-cutter, where there is no scope of creativity. Our parties are more about exploring the more core concepts that appeal to children like the Prehistoric Dinosaurs or a Barnyard party and for baby showers there are themes more attuned to luxury like "Pink Champagne" or fun like "Nursery Rhyme theme" populated with characters from various popular nursery rhymes...

6. What themes do you offer?
We offer over 20 unusual and super exciting themes for birthday parties, depending upon the age group, gender and the child's interests. For baby showers choose from 6 wonderful themes...Write to us to explore more... lilliputparties@gmail.com will find us.

7. What is a baby shower?
A baby shower is a party in honour of a mom-to-be. Its thrown by the closest friend/relative/set of friends, usually its a "ladies only" affair and the sole aim of this party is to celebrate the pregnancy of the mom-to-be just before she is due so it is often hosted in the 8th/9th month of pregnancy. There are games, gifts, food and fun galore!

8. Sounds great, can you help with custom parties too? Such as turning 16/30/60?
We are bursting with ideas and can help you with your custom parties too, go ahead and write to us at lilliputparties@gmail.com and we'll take it forward!

Happy Partying!